Mooring Licensee Renewals 

An invitation to renew your Rottnest mooring site for the period 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2019 was posted in July. The Supplementary Information contains important details for you including recent updates to the mooring inspection requirements for Licensees.

Renewal documents must be received before 30 September 2018. Completed renewals should be posted, faxed or emailed to RIA Marine Administration and we will post new stickers to you as soon as possible. Once you have completed and paid this season’s renewal, you may continue to use last season’s sticker until you receive your new sticker.  Any lost or damaged stickers will incur an administration fee for replacement.

  • DOT REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE – a current copy to confirm vessel length and your name as an owner of your nominated vessel and any additional vessels. You will need to provide this if the expiry date shown on your enclosed application has expired since your last mooring renewal. If you have purchased a new vessel, attach a full copy showing the new vessel length and your name as an owner. You should contact our office if there are changes to the vessels listed as you will need to adjust the fees owing.
  • INSURANCE DOCUMENTS – a current copy confirming adequate insurance for all your vessels and showing the date of the policy expiry.  The current regulated adequate insurance for all vessels entering Rottnest Reserve: for vessels 6.4m and greater is $10 million third party legal liability, and for vessels less than 6.4m $5 million third party.
  • UPDATES to your personal details on the enclosed summary as applicable.
  • Sign the AUTHORISED USER LIST of your personally appointed users for them to continue next season, as applicable.
If you have sold your boat:

Please advise the RIA in writing and return all the Rottnest stickers to our office for auditing purposes.

You have six months from the date of transfer to nominate a suitable alternative boat to your mooring licence.

Lodge the new vessel registration showing vessel length and your name as an owner, and the insurance certificate.