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Temporary Notice to Mariners - Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub Swim Race - Saturday 17th March 2018
Closure of Waters to Boating - Thomson Bay, Rottnest Island

Acting pursuant to the powers conferred by Regulation 38B of the Rottnest Island Regulations 1988, the Rottnest Island Authority hereby closes the following waters to all vessels, excluding bona fide emergency and authorised vessels as set out below between 1200hrs on Friday 16th March 2018 to 1800hrs on Saturday 17th March 2018.

Thomson Bay

Between Ferry Jetty and Fuel Jetty
All waters with 25 metres of the shoreline.

Exemption:Authorised emergency response vessels and powered support vessel displaying a Hotel Rottnest 2018 Port to Pub competitor’s sticker.

North of the Hotel Jetty
All waters commencing 43 metres north of the Hotel Jetty to the southern side of the Fuel Jetty following the foreshore extending 25 metres in an easterly direction.

Exemption:Authorised emergency response vessels, competitor’s support paddle craft displaying a Hotel Rottnest 2018 Port to Pub competitor’s sticker and vessel tenders less than 3.75 metres in length.

Swim Channel
All the waters within and bounded starting from a point on the foreshore 43 metres north of the Hotel Jetty extending in the easterly direction encompassing the following moorings and their associated swing room:
TB271,TB068,TB069, TB093, RIA HIRE024, TB086, TB245, TB319, TB053, TB051, RIA HIRE 017, TB200, TB351, TB332, TB040, TB081, TB080, TB073, RIA HIRE 005, TB084, TB079, TB085, TB320, TB087, TB088, TB101, TB096, TB092, TB095, TB094,to the southern most eastern point of the Hotel Jetty including the entire Hotel Jetty.

Exemption:Authorised emergency response vessels

South of Swim Channel
All waters along the foreshore to a point 135 metres south and extending 25 metres east.

Exemption:Authorised emergency response vessels and vessel tenders less than 3.75metres in length.

Read full Gazettal here and view Map here. 

Mariners are advised to navigate with caution and maintain a safe clearance when transiting this area.

Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub 2018

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Boating Management Strategy

Rottnest Island is the leading tourism destination in Western Australia much-loved by Western Australians who make up over three-quarters of regular visitors, and equally popular with interstate and international visitors. Approximately 500,000 visits to the Island each year include around 185,000 by private boat.

Following public consultation last year the Boating Management Strategy will be implemented as a sub-strategy of the Rottnest Island Management Plan, and operate alongside other strategies that address tourism and recreation, terrestrial, and cultural heritage management within the Rottnest Island Reserve.

Download the Boating Management Strategy 2014 (5.58MB)

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