Authorised use allows access to a licenced mooring site when the mooring site licensee is not using their mooring. You can become an authorised user in one of two ways:

  1. Authorised use allocated by a current mooring site licensee: A mooring site licensee can allocate authorised users to their own moorings. A licensee may add as many authorised users as they wish. Each vessel must fit within the approved and certified length of the mooring and authorisation is only granted once the applicant has received a current sticker from the Rottnest Island Authority. The sticker must be correctly displayed on the port side of the vessel.
  2. Authorised use allocated by the Rottnest Island Authority:
    Authorised user access is not guaranteed on application, as allocation is dependent on vessel length and availability of suitable moorings within each bay. The Rottnest Island Authority will endeavour to allocate up to two sites to an authorised user.

The priority of mooring access is summarised on the colour-coded information card issued with your sticker. Licensees have priority use of their own mooring site at all time. Authorised users of a mooring who have obtained the consent of the mooring site licensee to occupy the site at that time have priority over other vessels accessing a mooring.

Terms and conditions
All authorised users must comply with the terms and conditions of vessel entry to the Rottnest Island Reserve.

Authorised user fees pay a per metre fee in addition to the annual admission fee. Fees are calculated by the length listed on the boat registration certificate issued by Department of Transport.

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Annual admission fees also apply and vary dependent on the registered length of the vessel.

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Note: A new fee structure will be introduced from 1 September each year.

Information on refunds can be found here