Boating Fees and Forms

Our new boating season commences on 1 September to 31 August each year. Application forms for annual admission, authorised use, and commercial vessel permits are listed on the right hand side of this page.

Due to the large volume of Annual Admission and Authorised User applications received at this time of the year you may experience a delay of more than 10 working days before your application is processed and your sticker posted. 

If you intend on travelling to the island before your application is processed, then please remember to pay your admission fees online before you travel and forward a copy of your receipt within 2 weeks of the travel date to for deduction from the balance of the seasonal fee. 

New Applications

Admissions  fees paid between 10 December 2018 and 3 January 2018 can be credited towards your Annual Admissions. Please forward your receipt, date of payment, and vessels details to the RIA to enable this to occur.The Rottnest Island Authority wishes to advise that all applications received for Annual, Authorised Users and additional mooring site allocations are processed in order of receipt. Applications can take up to 10 business days to process so please allow adequate time when you submit your application.  

Daily admission fees can be paid for your visit online You can then forward that receipt, date of payment, and vessels details to the RIA within 14 days of your visit with a completed Annual Admission application form and the admission fee value can be credited towards the annual admission fee.

Admission Fees

All visitors entering the Rottnest Island Reserve, including the marine reserve, are required to pay an admission fee as a contribution to the conservation of the Island and the provision and upkeep of facilities. Visitors arriving by ferry pay this fee as part of their fare. Private vessel owners are required to pay an individual admission fee for each Island visit or purchase an annual vessel admission sticker.

Individual Admission Fees

Single visits must be paid either online prior to departure (pay online) or on arrival at the Visitor Centre.

Adult  Day Visitor $18.50
Child (4 - 12 yrs) Day Visitor  $7.00
Family Group* Day Visitor $44.50
Adult Extended Stay (Over Night) $24.50
Child (4 - 12 yrs) Extended Stay (Over Night) $8.50
Family Group* Extended Stay (Over Night) $55.00
*A family group is two adults and two children.
*Child rates apply for children aged four to twelve years inclusive. Children under four are free.

Annual Admission Fees

Annual Admission stickers for the current boating season are based on the registered length of the vessel. They are valid for the period 1 September to 31 August each year. Please send copies of all your registration and insurance documents when applying for your Annual Admission. Application forms are listed on the right of this page.

Annual Admission stickers must be paid for on application to the RIA Marine Administration office via email or post. Please ensure that Annual Admission applications are lodged with all the required paperwork (boat registration and insurance details). Once the application is processed an Annual Admission sticker will be posted to you.

Annual Admission Sticker Fees

Vessels up to and including 8 metres  $253.00
Vessels greater than 8 metres but less than 10 metres  $288.50
Vessels 10 metres or greater but less than 15 metres $346.50
Vessels 15 metres or greater $577.50
* Vessel length refers to the registration length of a vessel as defined on the vessel registration papers issued by the Western Australian Department of Transport.
* Fees are GST inclusive and are effective from 1 July 2018.

Anchoring and Admission Fees

The Rottnest Island Authority in collaboration with Club Marine and Boating Western Australia (BWA) has installed ten (10) beach anchor points for visitors to the Reserve. Five (5) points are located just south of the Hotel Jetty in Thomson Bay and five (5) at the most eastern end of Geordie Bay.

The beach anchor points are most suitable for vessels less than 8 meters in length that can beach anchor. Users will need two lines to secure their stern to each point which is shared with their neighbour and deploy their anchor seaward.

Users can adjust the amount of line out to best suit tide and weather conditions. The use of these facilities is free and are used on a “first in best dressed” basis.

Find out more: Beach Anchoring System in Thomson Bay and Geordie Bay

Once admission fees have been paid, boats may anchor in specified locations. These anchorage areas include Thomson Bay (south of the former Army Jetty), Longreach and Parker Point, or anywhere that is over sand and well clear of reef, seagrass beds, moorings, jetty access and navigation markers, with the exception of boating prohibited areas.

Please note that it is illegal to anchor less than 50m from a mooring, or to obstruct a mooring or jetty pen. Please refer to the current Marine and Boating Guide. Beach anchoring is permitted with the exception of boating prohibited areas. The use of bow and stern anchors are preferable. Star pickets and other items not designed principally for beach anchoring are prohibited. Beach anchoring is not recommended for crafts over eight metres in length. Please do not intrude into no boating areas and take care to bury your anchor deep into the sand, as they can be dangerous to beach pedestrians.

Domestic Commercial Vessel (DCV) Admission and Permit Application

The RIA has implemented a domestic commercial vessel operating permit (available for download on the right hand side of this page). In addition to this we have also introduced a revised fee structure for DCV permit holders visiting Rottnest Island. It is based on fees being applied in accordance with the number of passengers and activity of the commercial vessel.

Once a company has applied for a DCV operating permit, their vessel is then eligible for reduced admission fees if their activities do not involve landing passengers on the Island. The RIA will then invoice you every month based on the number of passengers you take within the limits of the island.

If you choose not to apply for a DCV operating permit then full admission fees apply for each passenger for each visit, and these must be paid by you online or on arrival at the Island Visitor Centre. All domestic commercial vessel operators must also register the details of each trip prior to arrival via the Rottnest Charter Log-on phone line, as detailed below.

Not Landing (Water based)   Landing   Extended Stay
Adult   $11.00  $18.50  $24.50
Child (4 - 12 yrs)  $5.00  $7.00  $8.50
* Fees are effective from 1 July 2018

To Register to the Rottnest Domestic Commercial Vessel Phone Log-on System

All permit and non-permit domestic commercial vessels must register each visit with the RIA phone log-on system prior entering the Rottnest Reserve.  All commercial vessels must log-on by phone whether as a charter or a private visit.

PRIOR to each visit please phone to register your details via the RLSSWA Call Centre (available 24 hours) on 1300 724 093 or (08) 9771 6186. This call will register the following details:

  • Date of trip to the Island
  • Duration of stay in reserve (number of days)
  • Commercial vessel registration number e.g. “MH1234” 
  • Vessel name and company name
  • Skipper's name
  • Skipper's mobile phone number
  • Number of paying passengers*, i.e. # adults and # children (4-12 yrs inclusive). * you cannot record zero unless you are only collecting passengers from the Island.
  • Activity being undertaken:
    • Water Based = not landing. Passengers are not landing or disembarking the vessel onto the Island e.g. fishing, dive charters or tours.
    • Landing = passengers disembarking the vessel onto the Island
    • Private = vessel not operating under charter and carrying non-commercial passengers (owner must ensure they pay admission fees separately to RIA, either online prior to departure, at the Visitor Centre upon arrival, or by displaying a valid RIA admission sticker).

A call registration number for each vessel log-on will be issued to identify each visit and your details will be sent to the Rangers.