Acceptable behaviour, noise and alcohol
For the enjoyment of all visitors, boat users are urged to keep noise to an appropriate level during the day and at a minimal level after 11pm.

This includes music and generator noise.

Drinking alcohol is not permitted on jetties, beaches or any other areas outside accommodation and licensed premises. 

Street drinking is not permitted in WA. Infringements will be issued.

Lighting fires is not permitted on Rottnest Island. Gas barbecues are provided in Thomson and Geordie Bays. Refer to this map for locations.

Camping on the Island is permitted only in designated campsites in the Settlement. To ensure availability, please book prior to arrival. To book a camp site, phone Rottnest Island Reservations on 1800 111 111 (Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5pm) or click here to book online.

Coastal hazards
Stay clear of limestone cliff edges, caves and overhanging rocks. These areas may be unstable and can collapse.

Dive flags
Keep at least 50 metres clear of vessels flying the international “A” flag or divers towing the flag.

Domestic pets
Domestic pets are not permitted within the boundaries of the Rottnest reserve.

Fishing and/or collecting marine flora and fauna within the five marine sanctuary zones is prohibited. Spear fishing is also prohibited within specific boundaries of the marine reserve. Please see the Marine and Boating Guide (PDF 1.95MB) provides further information.

All vessels entering within the limits of the Island must have adequate insurance cover, as below.

  • $5 million Third Party Legal Liability insurance cover - required for vessels of length less than 6.4 metres
  • $10 million Third Party Legal Liability insurance cover minimum - required for vessels of length 6.4 metres and greater

Speed limits
There are no designated water-ski areas within the Rottnest Island Marine Reserve and a five-knot speed limit applies in most bays around the Island.

Rafting of vessels
Rafting of approved vessels up to 6.75 metres long on swing moorings is permitted, but only where a mooring has been certified with a “+6.75m” rating. Vessels must be alongside the main vessel. Rafting is also permitted when vessels are on anchor. All vessels over 3.75 metres long need to have paid admission fees.

Reef care
Please do not walk or anchor on the reef as this will damage the fragile and unique reef environment.

Dune damage is an ever-present threat on the Island. Sandboards or similar devices used to slide down dunes or sandy areas are banned. Infringements will be issued.

Boating prohibited areas have been designated in certain bays around the Island to help provide areas for swimming. These areas are identified by either signs or float lines and all vessels should be kept away. For safety reasons, swimming near moorings, jetties or designated anchorage areas is not recommended.

No swimming area - Thomson Bay.
Swimming between the Main Jetty and the Fuel Jetty is prohibited because of the risks associated with the high volume or private and commercial vessels in the area. 

For more information read the following map  carefully, and the Marine and Boating Guide (PDF 1.95MB).