Once the admission fee is paid, vessels can be anchored within the Rottnest Island Marine Reserve provided they:

  • Are at least 50 metres from any mooring, jetty or beach pen.
  • Do not obstruct or interfere with access to a mooring.
  • Are well clear of reef, seagrass meadows, navigation markers.
  • Are outside any boating prohibited areas.
Popular anchorage areas include Thomson Bay (south of the former Army Jetty), Longreach Bay and Parker Point.

Beach anchoring
Beach anchoring is permitted, except in boating prohibited areas. Skippers should consider the following guidelines:

  • The use of bow and stern anchors are preferable.
  • Star pickets and other items not designed principally for beach anchoring are prohibited.
  • Beach anchoring is not recommended for craft over eight metres in length.
  • Do not intrude into boating prohibited areas
  • Take care to bury your anchor deep into the sand, as they can be dangerous to other beach users.
There are also free beach anchoring points in Thomson Bay, Longreach Bay (beach anchoring points) and Geordie Bay. Find more information on beach anchoring here.

Unattended vessels
Vessels cannot be left unattended in the Reserve without a competent operator being within the limits of the Island. That vessel must not be left unattended for a period longer than 24 hours.

Fuel and potable water
Fuel (Diesel, Unleaded and Premium Unleaded) is available from the Fuel Jetty in Thomson Bay 24 hours/7 days a week on a self-service basis.

Payment to be made by credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or EFTPOS.

Small quantities of unleaded fuel and LPG are available from the Geordie Bay Store.

Potable water is available from the service pillar at the head of the Fuel Jetty and a single point in the Geordie Bay Jetty. Fuel Jetty users need to provide their own hose which takes a standard domestic tap fitting. A 20m hose reel is provided on Geordie Bay Jetty. Users are asked to only take what water is necessary and reminded that both areas are 20-minute loading zones.

Bus-stop locations
There is a regular bus servicing over 19 bus stop locations across the island. Click here for further details.

Public toilets
Public toilets are available across Rottnest Island, in locations including:

  • Thomson Bay
  • The Basin
  • Longreach Bay
  • Geordie Bay
  • City of York Bay
  • Stark Bay
  • Narrow Neck
  • West End
  • Strickland Bay
  • Green Island
  • Parker Point
  • Kingston Barracks.
Vessel waste management

Liquid waste
All waters within the Rottnest marine reserve are protected. No liquid waste can be discharged anywhere in these waters, including waste from marine sanitation devices. Discharge of liquid waste must be undertaken at a suitable mainland facility or outside of the reserve.

Solid waste
Visitors are urged to take all their rubbish and recycling off the island. But “recycle” and “waste” bins are supplied around the island. All waste placed in island bins is picked up by a truck, compacted and shipped by barge to the mainland for processing.