Phone log in system

Before entering the Rottnest Reserve, all DCVs must register each visit with the Rottnest Island Authority phone log-on system. This must be done for charter and private visits in a DCV.  Private visits will not be invoiced monthly, and the applicable admission fees need to have been paid as per the conditions for private vessel owners.

To register your details via the Call Centre (available 24 hours) on 1300 724 093 or (08) 9771 6186. This call will register the following details:

  • Date of trip to the Island.
  • Duration of stay in reserve (number of days).
  • Commercial vessel registration number.
  • Vessel name and company name.
  • Skipper's name.
  • Skipper's mobile phone number.
  • Number of paying passengers.
  • Activity being undertaken:
    • Water based: Not landing. Passengers are not landing or disembarking the vessel on to the Island (for example, fishing, dive charters or tours).
    • Landing: Passengers disembarking the vessel on to the Island. Note: If a single passenger “lands”, a landing fee is required for all passengers.
    • Private: Vessel not operating under charter and carrying non-commercial passengers (admission fees apply). 

A call registration number for each vessel log-on will be issued to identify each visit and details will be sent to the Rottnest Island Rangers.

For private visits, the Rottnest Island Authority may request the log-book entry for that visit to confirm it was for private purposes.