Most moorings in Rottnest Island waters are licensed, except for those available for rental. Licensed moorings can only be used by licensees or their authorised users. Annual fees apply for licensed moorings.

The requirements for applicants for the waitlist are:
  • Principal place of residence is within Western Australia.
  • Name appears on the electoral roll as an elector under the Electoral Act 1907.
  • Name is on the certificate of registration of the vessel nominated in the application as the owner of that vessel, or who produces evidence of ownership to satisfy the Rottnest Island Authority.
  • Is the owner of at least 25 per cent of the net worth of the vessel nominated in the application.
  • Does not already have an application recorded on the waiting list and does not have another mooring site licence.
The vessel to be nominated must:
  • Have a registered length of at least 6.4m.
  • Not be nominated in any other application or be a licenced vessel or an additional vessel for any other mooring site licence.
  • Be a sailing vessel or have its own form of self-propulsion capable of achieving a speed of five knots.
  • Have a Hull Identification Number (HIN) at time of mooring licence allocation.
Applicants can only register one vessel as the nominated vessel in one nominated mooring area.

For existing waitlist applicants:
  • When any of your personal or contact details change:
    Please confirm these changes in writing via email at moorings@rottnestisland.com
  • If you sell the vessel nominated:
    As soon as you sell your nominated vessel, you will need to advise the RIA in writing. Please complete a Application to Substitute a Vessel 2020/2021 form.
    Once confirmed, the RIA can then approve six months from the date of sale for you to nominate another suitable vessel to your application. 
After a mooring site licence is granted, the applicant can apply to have other vessels owned by the same person registered to the mooring licence as additional vessels.

Terms and Conditions
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Mooring Site Licence waiting list fee
A application fee is applicable for applications for a place on the mooring site licence waiting list. The fee is shown in the current application form (2MB PDF)