Day Trip

The flavours of Rottnest Island are waiting for you!

  • Fuel your body with a freshly squeezed juice from the Lane Café before strolling the historic Rottnest settlement. 
  • Jump onboard the dedicated charter vessel for your Wild Seafood Experience, an extravagant ‘sea to plate’ feast of freshly caught Western Rock Lobster and a local seafood smorgasbord enjoyed in one of Rottnest’s 20 protected bays.
  • Combat the siesta slump with a pick-me-up espresso from Thomsons restaurant, while taking in the hustle and bustle of Thomson Bay.
  • Savour a selection of the 60 tasty flavours of WA-made Simmos Icecream.
  • Sip on a spritz at the new Pinky’s Beach Club, while watching the sunset over another delicious Rottnest day. 

Pick up a copy of the Island Guide from the Visitors Centre for a map of the island as well times and booking details for the Wild Seafood experience.

Mini Break

Follow this three day gourmet itinerary which takes you from creamy coffee on the first the morning at Thompsons restaurant, through to sunset drinks at the historic Hotel Rottnest.  

Follow on day two with a light and healthy breakfast at the Lane Cafe  before heading out on the Wild Seafood Experience and then finish the day with a local wine at Pinky's Beach Club overlooking picturesque views of the lighthouse.

Kickstart your final day with a leisurely breakfast at Dome Cafe, followed by a luxurious morning at Karma Day Spa.   Your day wouldn't be complete without a treat from Simmos Icecream.

Combining the perfect food and wine experience, your three day itinerary mixes the best of Rottnest Island from a gourmet perspective, whilst allowing ample time to cycle, snorkel, swim and experience the history, culture and famous wildlife.