Venue Hire

Looking to organise your own activities but searching for that perfect venue? Whatever the group size, there is something that will suit you needs.

Activity Rooms
Activity Rooms with kitchenette facilities are available for hire at Kingstown. These are well equipped to host your quiz, movie or games nights or any other exciting activities you have planned!

For more information, or to book email

Main Hall and Kitchenette

Located within the Barracks building itself, the Main Hall is suitable for larger groups of 100-150 people. It is close to the dining hall and is ideal for games nights or performances.

Video Room

Located within the main Barracks building, the Video Room is suitable for smaller groups of 15-30 people. Smaller group activities are ideal in this room.

Peacock Inn

Located between the Barracks and Governors Circle, this facility can cater for groups of 25-40 people. It is an appropriate venue for classroom activities or quiz nights.

Picture Hall
A larger venue, close to the Settlement

Close to the Thomson Bay Settlement, the Picture Hall is a large venue that can be used for movie nights upon request and has ample space for lectures or other activities.

For more information or to book the Picture Hall, call +61 412 442 683 or email