Island weather

Rottnest Island enjoys the same Mediterranean-style climate as Perth. It is generally a few degrees cooler in the height of summer and enjoys warmer winters with less rainfall compared to the mainland.

Weather data

Couple planning their day with a map of Rottnest Island

Remember to check weather and ocean conditions before planning any boating or land excursions. Click on the links below for more detailed weather and climate information.

Wave data for Rottnest Island
Historical Rottnest Island weather data
Recent Rottnest Island weather data


Summer: December /January /February
Autumn: March /April /May
Winter: June/ July/ August
Spring: September/ October/November

Warmer water

Due to a warm water current known as the Leeuwin Current, Rottnest Island generally has warmer water temperatures too, ranging from an average of 23°C in summer to 19°C in winter.