By Bike

Discover Rottnest Island by bike. Cycling is a fun recreational activity for all ages and is environmentally friendly.

Rottnest Island Pedal & Flipper (bike & equipment hire)
Rottnest Island Pedal & Flipper is the largest facility of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere with over 1,300 bikes and specialty equipment available for hire. Located on Rottnest Island behind Hotel Rottnest, we are open every day of the year. In addition to our large range of bikes and equipment, we provide helmets, locks, Island information and cycling advice. The Bike Hire team is trained to personally fit customers to bikes to ensure optimum comfort and safety.

Pick up an Island Guide
Our Island Guide has everything you need to know about the Island, including a full list of tours and activities, bus schedules and a map with suggested cycle paths and Wadjemup Walk Trail routes. Pick up a copy from the Visitor Centre upon arrival so that you can keep a full guide to the Island in your pocket as you explore the Island's beauty.

Important note: As per state law, wearing a helmet is enforced on the Island. Electric bicycles are permitted on Rottnest Island in accordance with the requirements of the Road Traffic Code 2000. To be compliant, electric bicycles must have a maximum power output of 250 watts and not be ridden by persons under 16 years. Penalties can be imposed for non-compliance.



By Bus

International Standard Eco Tourism Accreditation

The perfect option for those who want to see more in less time...

Accommodation Shuttle Bus

The Shuttle bus to Geordie, Longreach, Fays Bay and Kingstown Barracks now attracts a small per person fee of $3 per day or $5 per week. Children under 5 years travel free. Please refer to Island Guide for timetable.

The shuttle bus runs until 8:00pm for Geordie Bay so if you are considering going to the movies at the Rottnest Picture Hall, it is advisable to check the movie running times.

Island Explorer Service

See the beautiful bays, West End and the many spectacular views of Rottnest Island on the Island Explorer bus service. Taking a total circumnavigation of the Island, this tour allows you to take in the breathtaking views of the whole Island and discover areas that you can later explore by bike or foot. Book your tickets online, or purchase them from the Visitor Centre or Main Bus Stop vending machines.

Booking this ride is now easier than ever with our new online booking system!


ADAMS have an Annual Transport Pass which provides unlimited usage of the hop on hop off Island Explorer service and the accommodation shuttle that runs between Georgie Bay, Kingston Barracks and the settlement. More information available here. 

Charter Bus

34 and 43 seater charter buses are available for hire for weddings and special events. 

View the Seasonal Island Guide for current bus schedules.

By Foot

Explore the Main Settlement's shops and restaurants, head to nearby beaches or explore the Wadjemup Walk Trail.

Wadjemup Walk Trail

Discover the Island’s natural beauty and rich history along the spectacular Wadjemup Walk Trail. There are currently 4 completed sections of the Wadjemup Walk Trail to enjoy. The Trail will be made up of 5 sections (45 kilometres in total), each boasting unique experiences. Each unique section is rich with culturally and environmentally significant landmarks to interpret and experience.he 5 sections of the 45km Wadjemup Bidi are:

The 5 sections of the 45km Wadjemup Bidi are:

  • Ngank Yira Bidi - Uncover Bickley Battery (9.4km/ one way approx. 3-4hrs): Completed in December 2013, this section traverses the south east corner of the Island - Thomson Bay to Oliver Hill. Approximately 9.4km in distance, you'll explore the remnants of Coastal Defence systems installed during WWII.
  • Gabbi Karniny Bidi - Discover the Salt Lakes (9.7km/ loop approx. 3-4hrs): Starting from Thomson Bay Settlement and heading west out of Digby Drive, this section meanders through the lake systems including a magical stroll along the Lakes Boardwalk which provides the façade of “walking on water”.
  • Wardan Nara Bidi - Relax on Salmon Bay (10km/ one way approx. 3-4hrs): Walk along the coast of Salmon Bay and then cross through to the middle of the Island to explore the WWII guns and tunnels. Take in panoramic views from Wadjemup Lighthouse and then continue west to the world class surf break at Strickland Bay. Learn a bit more about Rottnest Island's surfing history by watching a short documentary accessed by scanning the QR code located on the informative sign or inside the surfing hut at this location. The Wardan Nara Bidi was proudly supported by the Rottnest Foundation working in partnership with BHP Billion.
  • Karlinyah Bidi - Experience the Northern Beaches (5.9km/ one way approx. 2-3hrs): Beautiful long sandy beaches and calm swimming lagoons within the reef; there will be a favourite spot for everyone. Enjoy the excitement of rugged sections of trail, but be aware of seasonal access in high seas.The Karlinyah Bidi was proudly supported by the Rottnest Foundation working in partnership with BHP Billion.
  • Ngank Wen Bidi - Explore West End (7.6km/ one way approx. 3-4hrs)1 km walkable - full trail coming soon! A marine wildlife haven! New Zealand fur seals can be seen from the viewing platform at Cathedral Rocks. The West End boardwalk is a great place to spot dolphins, and the seasonal migration of humpback whales!

Please ensure you bring sufficient drinking water, keep to trails and beware of snakes in terrestrial areas. In the case of an emergency, dial 000 for assistance.

Free Guided Walking Tours

For those who love to walk but have no idea where to go, why not head on a free walking tour? There are several walking tours run by our knowledgeable and friendly Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association every day.